How to insert references in SWP using BibTeX

I would always suggest to use BibTeX with LaTeX, but if you really cannot avoid using SWP, this is what I do for inserting my bibliographies. It is very simple, but it works and do not ask me more.
  1. Choose "Typeset" => "Bibliography choice" => click on "BibTeX".
  2. Go to "Typeset" => "General Settings". In the box "BibTeX database directory" I wrote "C:\MYDOCUMENTS\PROJECTS\BIBLIO". In the box "BibTeX style directory" I wrote "C:\swp55\TCITeX\bibtex".
  3. Put the pointer where you want your bibliography to start and choose "Insert" => "Typeset Object" => Bibliography => Choose your BibTeX file.
  4. Insert bibliography citations by clicking on the icon " (citation).
  5. If not already included, include the package Chicago, by clicking on the icon "Options and Packages".
  6. Last suggestion: keep your list of packages as short as possible, as they sometimes seems to conflict.