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Create table

outreg using FILENAME, append bdec(3) tdec(3) coefast 3aster pv ctitle(REGRESSION TITLE) br
    This allows one to create a table easily importable into excel, with p-value statistics in brackets below the coefficient estimate.

estout using FILENAME.out , replace margin cells("b(star fmt(%9.3f)) p") starlevel(* .1 ** .05 *** .01) title(r2_7_3, iwgt) stats( ll r2_p chi2 p)   
    This allows one to create a table easily importable into excel, with p-value statistics without brackets and in a separate column

How to include missing keys in Italian keyboard

In Italian keyboards some important charachters for Stata programming are missing (e.g. ` and ~ ). To add them on a PC running MS Windows, use MS keyboard layouts creator ( By installing this program, you can define your own keyboard or (more advisably) modify an existing one.
Hints: 1) from the tag "file", get the load an existing keyboard (Italian 142); 2) erase/add/modify your keys by cliccking twice on a key (to insert a character you need its Unicode name, which can be retrieved from the Windows character map); 3) following the tag "project", validate, test and finally build DLL and set up package; 4) install the program by clicking on the *.msi file you just created; 5) finally, install the keyboard layout following "regional and language option" from MS Windows "control panel".

Programming Stata

A good introduction is provided by  Germán Rodríguez:

Output processing and automatic reporting with Stata

See Ben Jann's programs and hints: pdf

Analyzing spatial autoregressive models using Stata

See David Drukker's programs: pdf
(Some more updated version should be around...)