Avoid in-line break of equations

If you do not want to have an in-line equation broken into two lines, put the command \nobreak , where the breaking point applies. For instance, if the equation $y=x+z$, is broken after the "=", write $y=\nobreak x+z$

Install WinEdt for Stata11 and later 

"WinEdt, the editor of choice for many LaTeX users, can be used as Stata do-file editor in a fairly simple manner by installing Stata Mode.  However, as far as I can tell, the author of Stata Mode doesn’t appear to have anticipated Stata’s willingness to produce new versions – in extracting the path to the Stata executable it only looks for versions 8-10.  If you have version 11 this is easily fixed.  After unzipping Stata Mode, look for extract_path.edt and open it.  Change line 11 to:


Save  the file and the run the installation macro. Of course, this will break once version 12 comes out, which is normally about a month after I decide to splurge on an upgrade.  Wouldn’t it be nice if Statacorp gave you a warning that a new version was on the horizon?  I know, I should be using R.  It also plays nice with (R)Winedt.

Stata Mode lacks one convenient feature – the ability to run only selected lines of your Stata code.  This can be achieved by following these instructions."

Taken from: (http://www.politicaldata.org/?p=19)

Special configuration: how to run two separate instances of WinEdt for Stata and LaTeX

If you are using WinEdt for TeX-ing with MiKTeX and have also installed a Stata configuration, you may want to simultaneously run a different instance of WinEdt for Stata. You should first export the Stata Configuration to Stata.ini through "Options -> Export Settings..." Menu Command while Stata configuration is loaded. It may be best to place Stata.ini in WinEdt's Application Data folder. Again you can create the link (e.g. on the desktop) to WinEdt with Stata configuration as:
    "C:\Program Files\WinEdt Team\WinEdt\WinEdt.exe" -C="WinEdt/Stata" -e="Stata.ini"

A default link can be used for MiKTeX Configuration (as loaded from Options -> Configurations Menu). The -C qualifier ensures that the two instances use a different caption and can be distinguished...

Setting the English dictionary

The file http://tug.ctan.org/tex-archive/systems/win32/winedt/dict/english.txt clearly explains how to install an English dictionary, letting the user choose between  British English or American English. Most important of all, once the choice is done, this dictionary file make it is consistent throught the document.
For installation,  place the content of english.zip into %B\dict\eng where %B is the directory where winedt.exe is found. Then select Macros|Execute Macro... from the tool bar, running one of the  .edt files described in the .txt file above.

Special configuration: install WinEdt for R (RWinEdt)

Installation procedure (from RWinEdt's ReadMe.txt file):